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Prelude n°1, à Eric
Prelude n°2, à Arteusian
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Tango, à Milonga
Valse des fleurs, à Renoir
Impromptu n°1, à Prélude
Viviane, n°2 de la suite "Bretagne"


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Jean-François Delcamp divides his time between teaching the guitar, administering internet forums, publishing free music editions for classical guitar, composing and giving occasional concerts.

Jean-François Delcamp is currently a Professor at the Brest Conservatory of Music, Dance and Drama.

Born on the 16th of October 1956 in Nice, French performer, composer and editor Jean-François Delcamp began studying the guitar at the age of nine. A few years later he became a pupil of the guitar master Berthie Compostel, then of the masters Alberto Ponce and Alexandre Lagoya.

Several times first prize winner in international guitar competitions (Milan, 1981, and Paris UFAM, also 1981), Jean-François Delcamp holds a Teaching Certificate in guitar tuition awarded by the French Ministry of Culture.

In 1981 Jean-François Delcamp founded the guitar course at the Brest Conservatory of Music, Dance and Drama. From 1982 to 1984 he produced and hosted a daily broadcast on Radio Brest Atlantique devoted to classical music. From 1990 to 1993 he played bass, guitar and lute in the progressive rock band Halloween.

In 1993, along with other Brest musicians from diverse musical backgrounds (jazz, classical, traditional music), he created the ADEMA association with the aim of promoting contemporary music. From 1993 to 1997 he took part in concerts of improvised music as well as the composition of group music.

In 1996, with the support of the Regional Directorate of Cultural Affairs of Brittany, he created "Visions", a set of compositions for two guitars and percussion, at the Quartz (national arts centre) in Brest, in company with jazz musician Jean Luc Roumier and percussionist Philip Di Faostino.

In 1997, with some fellow enthusiasts, he founded the music fair "Musiques à l'Ouest" (Music in the West) which he organized on three occasions at the Quartz in Brest, each bringing together hundreds of professionals and thousands of amateurs.

In 2001 Jean-François Delcamp created "", an internet site whose forums have become daily meeting places for classical guitarists worldwide. The Delcamp forums respect copyright, are free to join, and carry no advertising. They offer guitarists, both amateur and professional, a discussion space dedicated to mutual assistance, that is to say the free exchange and sharing of resources and services for the benefit of all.


Un regard sur la guitare (A look at the guitar) (K7) Published by Lynx Optique in 1990.
Taxi de nuit 1 (Night Taxi 1) (CD) Published by the Centre de Création Musicale de Brest in 1991
Les instruments de musique (Musical instruments) (CD) Published by Les Éditions Buissonnières 1993
Visions (CD) Published by Lynx Optique in 1993.
Merlin (CD) Published by Musea in 1994
Quatuor Opus 29 (CD) Recorded in 1998